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Machine Vision Software

  • EVT Machine Vision Software - Bottle Inspection EVT Machine Vision Software - 3D pin Inspection

    EYE Vision Image Processing Software

    EyeVision Machine Vision Software offers solutions for various applications: 1D and 2D measurement and evaluation (support of numerous line scan and matrix cameras) Thermography capture and evaluation with special commands (for active, passive and...

  • Open eVision EasyImage

    Open EasyImage for USB Dongle

    EasyImage Image processing library At a glance Set of optimized fundamental image processing and analysis functions Convolution and morphology Geometric transformations Histogram computation and analysis Noise estimation and reduction NEW: HDR...

  • Open eVision Easy3D

    Open Easy3D for USB dongle

    Easy3D 3D inspection library At a glance 3D Laser Line Extraction into a depth map Point cloud calibration and management ZMap generation and management Interactive 3D display with the 3D Viewer 3D processing functions  

  • Open eVision EasyBarCode

    Open EasyBarCode for USB dongle

    EasyBarCode Bar code reading library At a glance Automatic detection of the barcode in the image Automatic detection of the symbology Very fast and robust Full support of numerous symbologies NEW: Mail Barcode...

  • Open eVision EasyColor

    Open EasyColor for USB dongle

    EasyColor Color image analysis library At a glance Fast conversion of images between 11 color spaces Color segmentation: to identify objects based on their color Color verification: to verify the color of objects  

  • Open eVision EasyDeepLearning

    Open EasyDeepLearning for USB dongle

    EasyDeepLearning Convolutional neural network-based classification library At a glance Includes functions for dataset creation, classifier training and image classification Compatible with CPU and GPU processing Able to detect defective products or...

  • Open eVision EasyFind

    Open EasyFind for USB dongle

    EasyFind Geometric pattern matching library At a glance Pattern matching using a feature point technology Fully automatic, fast and robust Invariant to rotation and scaling High tolerance to pattern degradation Support of "don't care"...

  • Open eVision EasyGauge

    Open EasyGauge for USB dongle

    EasyGauge Sub-pixel measurement & dimension control library At a glance Sub-pixel point location and edge fitting Highly accurate and robust Advanced and automatic calibration Multiple gauge models Measurement of position, orientation,...

  • Open eVision EasyMatch

    Open EasyMatch for USB dongle

    EasyMatch Pattern matching library At a glance Pattern matching using normalized correlation Sub-pixel accuracy Rotation and scaling support Detection of multiple pattern occurrences Support of gray scale and color images Support of "don't...

  • Open eVision EasyMatrixCode

    Open EasyMatrixCode for USB dongle

    EasyMatrixCode 2D data matrix code reading library At a glance Automatic detection of the code in the image Decodes ECC200, ECC000, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100 and ECC140 codes Computes quality indicators as per ANSI/AIM, ISO/IEC...

  • Open eVision EasyObject

    Open EasyObject for USB dongle

    EasyObject Blob analysis library At a glance Image segmentation based on the gray scale of connected objects Object labeling Geometric feature extraction Flexible Masks High performance, especially for large images and images with numerous...

  • Open eVision EasyOCR2

    Open EasyOCR 2 for USB dongle

    EasyOCR2 Industrial optical character recognition library At a glance Optimized for reading short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, … Innovative segmentation algorithm to...