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  • Acrylic Filters

    Acrylic Filters

    Acrylic Filters are a durable, lightweight and economical solution for inspection windows. They can protect a lens in environments where broken glass might pose a problem and can be custom cut to fit...

  • NDVI Agricultural Inspection Visible, Raw NDVI, NDVI False Color

    Dual & Triple Bandpass Filters

    Dual Bandpass Filters transmit two specific wavelength ranges through a single filter. They allow for natural color rendition during the day and infrared imaging at night. Triple Bandpass Filters are...

  • Light Balancing Filters

    Light Balancing Filters

    Light Balancing Filters are used to achieve a more accurate color rendering and to keep costs low with LED or metal halide lighting. The object being inspected will have a more natural look to...

Imaging at 940nm is helpful for moisture detection, as moisture absorbs this wavelength. Without using a filter to block interfering visible wavelengths, the below results cannot be achieved. IMAGE WITH CCD/MONOCHROME SENSOR
Before: Water levels with visible light, a 940 LED and no filter, resulting in low contrast.

    Longpass Filters

    Longpass: MidOpt Longpass Filters with StablEDGE® technology are ideal for optimizing infrared imaging. Their unique hybrid design offers exceptional visible blocking. And because of the low...

  • Neutral Density Filters Before ND Filter (Left); After MidOpt ND Filter (Right)

    Neutral Density Filters

    Neutral Density Filters are designed to reduce light intensity neutrally over a specific wavelength range without affecting image color and contrast. They serve as "sunglasses" for your system and...

  • Polarizer Filters Before: Reflected glare from shiny, curved surfaces affect the performance of the camera's auto-gain feature and interferes with reliable pattern detection.

    Polarizer Filters

    Polarizers are designed to reduce specular glare by passing only the light polarized in the direction perpendicular to the reflected light (glare). In addition, they help improve contrast, increase...

  • Protective Filters

    Protective Filters

    Protective Filters are best used for lens protection. They’re made from high-quality polished glass and optical-grade acrylic and are available with anti-reflection coating to maximize...

  • Shortpass Filters No filter and sensor damage
caused by a 1040nm YAG laser

    Shortpass Filters

    Shortpass Filters, also known as "IR-cut" filters, are specially designed to pass a broad spectrum of visible shorter wavelength light, while blocking longer interfering near-infrared wavelengths...