Color TDI Line Scan

Features of Vieworks Hybrid TDI Linear Sensor
  • CCD + CMOS Structure
  • Combines a light sensitivity CCD-based
  • TDI pixel array with CMOS readout electronics 
  • CCD pixel structure deliver low-noise, high dynamic range
  • CMOS technology enables low-power consumption, fast readouts
  • Vieworks VTC-2K10.5X-C140: Vieworks Color TDI Line Scan 2K 140kHz Coaxpress Camera Vieworks Color TDI Sensor Structure


    2K x 80 Stages TDI Line Scan CoaXpress Camera Vieworks 2048 Linear Image Sensor (monochrome) Line Rate: 140kHz at CXP-6 2-lanes Pixel Size: 10.5 x 10.5 microns 8/10/12-bits per pixel M42 Mount, CoaXPress Interface, DIN Connectors Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm...